Francis Krahe, CEO
Francis Krahe & Associates

"Working with Rick Keating and his team creates the opportunity for challenging, rigorous design, and remarkable projects. Rick brings imagination, creativity, and a precise vision to each site. The staff of the Keating studio are masters of the detailed execution required to produce elegant, modern design."

Jack Bousquet, Developer
Thor Equities

"Rick Keating is at the top of a small handful of architects in the real estate development industry who represent the very best of that world, possessing both broad knowledge of the issues and a deep design foundation. Ryan Davis is a master at problem solving and successfully executed Rick’s concept by achieving a flawless balance of design, constructability and economic constraints. I find a simplistic elegance to Rick’s designs that sets him apart from the competition."

Jerry Lea, Senior Vice President

“Hines has worked with Rick Keating and his team for nearly 40 years. Throughout that time and through several iterations of his practice the common thread has been the quality of the designs, the professionalism of his service and his unique ability to be supported by a strong group of talented individuals all of whom resonate to his deep understanding of the economics of our development needs.”

John Goff, CEO
Crescent Real Estate Holdings

"It is always a pleasure to work with Richard Keating and his team. In addition to his outstanding design talent, Rick truly understands the development process. We value this rare combination."

Greg Cosko, President and CEO
Hathaway Dinwiddie

"Our company has worked with Rick throughout his entire career with significant projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and greater Los Angeles regions. In every instance we enjoyed his aesthetic creativity and innovative attention to detail. Rick is a team player, a collaborator who assumes a client’s perspective, expectations, and means. Throughout my career at Hathaway Dinwiddie Rick has been a constant of high performance and demonstrable integrity. We look forward to many more projects together."

Tim Relyea, Executive Vice Chairman
Cushman & Wakefield of Texas, Inc.

Tim Relyea is Executive Vice Chairman of Cushman & Wakefield of Texas, Inc. (C&W) and has been on the board of C&W, served on the Compensation Committee and currently serves on the Global Management Committee.