8942 Wilshire

Paradigm HQ

Originally designed as a corporate Headquarters for Columbia Savings and long occupied by ICM, this finely crafted 75,000 sf courtyard building has recently been occupied and the interior partially renovated by the Paradigm Talent Agency. The Wilshire facade which was designed as one of two buildings with the second building at Elm and Wilshire.  Both buildings exhibit a two story panel of limestone attached to the structural frame as if this element of the building loosely skips several blocks from one to the other.  The 8942 Building frame is clad in a patina of copper.  The Courtyard has an Eric Orr sculpture with flames coming from under a black granite pyramid which, in turn, has water flowing down the sides.  The interior is illuminated by a system of skylights at the end of the circulation corridor and a central one at the elevators.  The interior finishes were a part of the original limestone and flamed green granite all of which is detailed with stainless steel.