Wells Fargo Tower Observation Deck

The Texas Panorama

A pivotal building in the imagery of the City of Houston this 71 story tower dominates the skyline, especially as seen from Allen Parkway.  The concept we had for the original design was derived from Houston’s self image as the Emerald City.  Clad in luminous green glass and carefully sculpted in its unique shape that engages the light throughout the day, the association with the Yellow Brick Road from the 1939 movie, “the Wizard of Oz” was made real by this tower. The top of Wells Fargo Tower was supposed to extend the curtain wall up to hide the mass of the penthouse and give a skyline cap of translucency that would articulate the tallest building in Texas, but this concept was never realized. 

Recently there has been a series of towers in major cities that have seen the economic value in the creation of a public observation deck in unique vistas.  This proposal would cantilever a major glass floored deck well out over the city  and in so doing finish the top as originally conceived while providing a vista that would include the path of the Texans leading from the Alamo to the San Jacinto monument and the resulting defeat of Santa Ana, ultimately bringing Texas into the United States.  At the same time this building would become the tallest tower in Texas resulting in new real estate value and a recognition to this major tower that has eluded it since it was completed.