Renaissance Center

Dallas, Texas, US

Square Feet: 1,650,000

Built in the early 1970's, Renaissance Center enjoyed a prominence on the Dallas skyline, but over time was surpassed in quality and image by newer buildings developed around it.

The design approach was to address the functional issues of systems upgrades while at the same time correcting image problems that had contributed to an inability to attract and retain tenants.

A subtle pattern of glass drawn from the blues and greens found in the surrounding skyline gives the new facade richness and rhythm, breaking up the massiveness of the plain walls.  The familiar double-X light patterns were incorporated into the new design through the use of varied colored glass in the curtain wall, so that the 

pattern was visible during the day as well as at night.  The large grid pattern follows the intersection of the column lines and the diagonal bracing, establishing a sense of scale and creating further visual interest.

A glass pyramid, added to provide a dramatic entryway within the plaza, also houses a dining facility.  Rooftop spires were added to the building, featuring an intricate 160-foot high central pinnacle surrounded by four corner spires.  These graceful structures add height and elegance to the building's image.  In the evening they are bathed in beams of light, brightening downtown Dallas.