Park Place Master Plan

Irvine, California, US

Having worked on this site once before in 1989 for a previous owner, it is of interest to determine what values remain and what has changed.  The original buildings developed for Fluor’s headquarters have all been converted to multi tenant facilities and a most of the original plans for retail have been developed at the corner of Michelson and Jamboree.  What remains is the central nature of the site in the heart of Irvine which provides an opportunity to still consider the overall development as the new town center of the region.  Also, the back bay environment has been even more established and as such has even a greater potential for inclusion and association with the landscape of the development.  Similarly the corner of the intersection of Jamboree and the 405 freeway is the obvious location for the premier office tower.  What is new is the market for high density residential and the development of two new towers on the site and plans for more.  This master plan accommodates both the pre-existing influences as well as those that are new.  The density is increased and the accommodation for parking and vehicular circulation becomes greater.  Housing is allocated in both towers as well as linear elements dispersed throughout the site with most of the focus for this use along Michelson overlooking the back bay.  The office tower, and potentially a second one are adjacent to the freeway.  One of the primary overriding elements is to allow for the new development yet still relate to the strong geometry of the pre-existing buildings.