Meritz Insurance Headquarters

Seoul, Korea

Square Feet: 400,000

The new 30-story Meritz Building is a proud complement to the City of Seoul and the quiet dignity of the Meritz organization.  The 600,000 sf tower is business-like in tone and character, culminating in executive offices dining facilities and an outdoor terrace at the top three floors.

Immediately adjacent to the Kangnam station on Tehran Road, this new tower already is a commanding presence that is observable from across the river.  Incorporating a programmatic requirement of unique private offices and dining facilities at the top of the building, and efficient clear span floors below,  this design derives its skyline presence from the need for these functions.  As a major sky window in the city, the interplay of sunlight and shadows will be a constant visual reference to this building and its owners.  The core of the building is located along the eastern wall of the tower providing for a clear open span of 18 meters and unique corner windows.  At the street level the elevator banks are separated by 10 meters providing for a major window to the cascading water feature in the rear of the building.  The water feature also forms the roofline of an auditorium.

Clad in black granite and a stainless and low-e glass, the new tower establishes itself as an elegant corporate place of business as well as an important addition to the Kangnam district of the city.