LAPD Headquarters

Los Angeles, California, US

This proposal accommodates both an office tower for the LAPD as well as a jail, two parking facilities and community rooms.  The site is on axis with the City Hall of Los Angeles and anchors the eastern extension of the government complex. 

In that the LAPD is seeking a new image from some of its problems in recent history the new tower is meant to be a beacon of security not unlike a lighthouse for mariners at sea.  Equally important is that the LAPD needs to be the police for all the citizens of the community, and therefore not turn its back in any one direction.  By creating a gentle ellipse shape for the office tower, the building is suggestive of both the beacon as well as seen equally in the round. 

At the southern side of the complex, the community rooms were created along with the wall of the police visitor parking to embrace and welcome the public to a ceremonial forecourt to the headquarters building.  This provides a gathering space and welcomes the community without compromising the security of the tower as it is at the top of a series of terraced gardens.

The jail and its separate parking facility is reached from the north side of the site and is located under the tower with the exception of the day rooms receiving top-light through atriums in the lower roof. 

The top floor of the building is the Garden of the Chiefs as well as special function and office conference rooms.  The roofline, which is reminiscent of the hat of an officer can be seen also as an architectural salute to the City Hall in the distance while the façade of the building is relective of the badge by use of a partial masonry and partial curtainwall design.