ICM Headquarters

Beverly Hills, California, US

Square Feet: 82,000

The building was originally planned as the centerpiece of the triad of Columbia Savings buildings, and is highly articulated and texturally rich.  Lifted above the street level, the facade creates an uninterrupted edge to Wilshire Boulevard, supporting the continuity of the thoroughfare, yet allowing visual and functional permeation into a courtyard and offices beyond.  Its design is based on the characteristics of its construction, with an exposed copper-clad structural frame and layers of Indiana limestone. The expanse of the limestone is interrupted by stainless steel supports and circular forms that emanate from 

the geometry of the courtyard.  With the corners left open, the structure serves a dual purpose of providing views down the boulevard from within and defining an articulate edge for approaching motorist.

The courtyard provides a transition from the traffic and movement of the street.  The almost symbolic front door and grand scale of the entry is achieved by organizing interior circulation as part of this space so that each user of the building is visually and functionally associated with the courtyard.  The paving, fountain and black pyramid (by artist Eric Orr) are all designed to inhabit the space and provide a focus into the courtyard. At the interior entry to the building, Indiana limestone, flame-finished green granite, and stainless steel are combined with figured maple to connect the interior architecture with the interior.