First American at Solana

Westlake, Texas, US

First American Scheme A

To achieve a campus that would be understood as that of First American’s within the Solana Project, our proposal is to use the existing architectural character of the development.  Starting with a separate roadway and entry signage, one comes to a new wall, not unlike others on the campus that surrounds the First American parking area.  Within this parking area there is a major entry element at the bridge leading to the First American cluster of four buildings.  With the lobby extending the full length of the Building and a completely enclosed glass link bridge to each of the four buildings at each level, First American will have over 100,000 square feet of floor space at each level as well as a natural expansion capability to the other nearby buildings of the campus.

Lobby Plan

After entering the First American complex across a major bridge the lobby reveals itself running the full length of the nearest building. Looking out into the adjacent courtyard and directly linked to the building elevators the character of the space is unique both inside and out for the First American employees.

First American Entry Plaza

The First American Entry Building is announced by a plaza and vehicular drop-off facing a new lobby and reception area.  From this entry area circulation leads to all spaces to be occupied by First American and makes use of the existing Building 7 including its major cafeteria and meeting rooms overlooking the landscape and water elements of Solana.