Century Plaza Towers Lobby

Century City, California, US

Built originally as one of the most important iconographic buildings in the Westside of Los Angeles and designed by Minoru Yamasaki, the Century Plaza Towers had evolved over time to a condition in which new requirements needed to be met as well as a general refurbishing of materials and details.  Our work has at its basis a deep respect for the quality of the original building.  We have sought in each decision to enhance that design intent while altering the functions where necessary.

Vehicular access has evolved to where a valet motor court is now designed for the East Side of the Towers.  This new drop off required a substantial re-grading of the plaza which necessitated a means to turn back onto a single point of entry and egress.

While the project owners had initiated another new office building to the west and joined the two with a new park, our direction and understanding was to achieve an integration between the old and the new.  Accordingly, similar details and materials have been used throughout the project and while enclosing the base of the building to the “drip line”, we have used the clearest of glass available along with mullion-less support so that the view to the new park can remain as open 

as the building originally was with no glass.

The interior functions of the lobby have everything to do with orientation, security and quality suitable to the level of tenants both existing and in the future of the project.  A single point of elevator access with views to the garden and reachable from the valet area is on the western side of the core.  A black granite floor will enhance the white marble wall that exists as well as the stainless metal paneled ceiling.

The re-design of these important towers in our city will provide a level of finesse and quality that they will be associated with that is in turn suitable for the investment in the property and the quality of the tenants and rental return.