BMC Software Headquarters

Houston, Texas, US

Square Feet: 600,000

The new BMC Software Headquarters building is based on deceptively simple elegance and form integrated into a complex landscape and site development. The site is bordered on one side by a freeway and on the opposite side by single-family homes. The future development of an additional one million square feet on the site was a further consideration.

The scheme adapts the front yard – back yard arrangement typical in suburban America to a corporate setting to achieve public and private spaces. The overall site is planted with deciduous trees, forming a grid with 40-foot centers.  At the center of the site is a walled court which gives access to both the building and the visitor parking.  Inside the court the landscape changes to a more precise urban setting organized at the pedestrian scale.  The scale is emphasized by a stand of perfectly spaced indigenous evergreen pine trees set into a shallow recess in the center. 

The space within the court allows for a wide variety
of meeting and gathering experiences and casual dining, and will be a central feature in future phases of development.