755 Figueroa

Los Angeles, California, US

Square Feet: 1,000,000

As the downtown Los Angeles skyline seems to be on a pattern of growth in intervals of 10 or 15 years, this new 50 story office tower represents an entirely new decade as well as a new century in architecture and expression. The very gentle slope of the east wall of the tower provides a graceful line towards the sky while eroding the bulk of the building as seen from its most prominent view from the passersby on the freeway. With the subtle radius on the western façade, this building acts as the southwest corner of the urban mass of downtown. Its dignity and serenity is associative with our times, seeking some relief from the overload of information, intensity and aggression we find in our everyday life. This is a building without history and beyond its subtle form is generated on the basis of its urban fit as well as details and materials.

The efficiency of the floor plans, the structural system and the unitized curtain wall makes this elegant form work within all the parameters required of a modern office building. It will also set the standard in downtown for green development.