580 Anton

Costa Mesa, California, US

The 580 Anton condominiums are located at the heart of Costa Mesa which is evolving to become a very rich urban environment.  With the completion of the Orange County Performing Arts Complex, as well as the long established South Coast Plaza and the projected new developments nearby, this pair of condominiums will define the best of high quality living opportunities in Southern California.

The design of the towers recognizes the skyline imagery that will prevail from the freeway and places each building perpendicular to each other with aligned rooftop elements.  The exterior walls of each building is distinguished by defining that which faces the lake with a more open and glass like curtain wall, and that which faces across the street with a more stone façade with punched windows.

The base of the building is a highly articulated expression of detail, texture and subtly folded planes all of which is integrated into an urban texture of landscape, paving and seating.

From the street and the motor court there is a vista through the buildings to the lake beyond which, in turn, is proposed to be re-configured to become a more stylized landscape amenity.