12th & Grand Towers

Los Angeles, California, US

Located at the visual terminus of the 10 Freeway as it approaches downtown, this development will dominate the primary view as one nears the downtown skyline and completely surround the existing Transamerica Tower that is currently the focus of this orientation.  In a gesture that completes the evolution of residential towers in downtown Los Angeles towards the south, this complex will be pre-eminent as a visual success of our city.  The architecture is visually complex while remaining relatively simple in reality.  

The Central Tower utilizes the image of an unfolding radial plan that surrounds a structural core of circulation.  It has an additional component of low-rise units that form a liner of living units that are a surface of the primary parking garage.  Two subsequent towers are related in form with curvilinear facades on one side and rectilinear facades facing inward.  This development is designed to establish itself as a unique place of living with all the requisite amenities of urban life.  Located between the cultural establishments of the University of Southern California, the Staples Center and the Los Angeles Live Development, the site and the towers represent the ultimate in living location in the downtown environment of Los Angeles.