6 Houston Center

Houston, Texas, US

This concept was in response to an existing design that had approvals in place and ready, after a long hiatus, to initiate construction.  It was intended only as a set of principals by which the owner could evaluate the options of changing the design or maintaining the value of utilizing the existing documents. 

The concept envisioned turning the tower to present a broad face to the north, which would create a strong image to those that view downtown entering the city from that direction.  In that the building would not be the tallest building, it was also a desire to create a fenestration and a building profile that would command a strong image by other means than height.  By using a staggered primary and secondary mullion system along with a translucent top extending the curtainwall above the rooftop mechanical elements, the building would become a focal point within the mass of downtown buildings as seen from the approach of the 59 freeway.

The base of the building, which provides podium parking, is clad in black granite with large expanses of yellow glass providing a dramatic lobby as well as defining the pedestrian connections along side the garage and bridging to the rest of the Houston Center Development.