Jacobs Headquarters

Los Angeles, California, US

Year: 2013
Square Feet: 80,000

The new Corporate Headquarters is located in an existing building with unique conditions.  It is a post tensioned slab with a row of columns in the middle of the lease span.  In that the primary mandate for the company to be all open work stations, this presented an issue with core drilling over 50 holes in each of the floors without hitting a tendon.  The primary purpose of the open work stations is to increase communication and visibility so the principal was extended to the enclosed huddle rooms, conference rooms and copy rooms that ring the core.  

As safety is a primary aspect of the Jacobs culture it was decided to mark the path to the exit stairs with a defined floor and ceiling as well as emergency lights at each of the adjacent columns which, in turn, are wrapped in glass.  The blue glass and the French limestone floors are common materials used in many of the new Jacobs offices around the world.